To Get a List of AD Users With or Without a “Null”, “ALL”, and “Empty” Values or Attributes Using Powershell

To get a list of AD users with no mail attribute:

get-aduser| where {$_.mail -eq $null}

get-aduser -properties Company -filter {mail -notlike “*”}

get-aduser -properties Company -filter {Company -eq $null}

get-aduser -filter * -properties * | where {($_.mail -eq $null) -and ($_.manager -ne $null)}

get-aduser -filter * -properties * | where {($_.mail -eq $null) -and ($_.manager -ne $null)} | select name

NOTE: Running the opposite commands above will give you a list of the AD users with mail attribute e.g

Get-ADUser -Properties mail -Filter {mail -like ‘*’}

NOTE: The below command will give you an error because you cannot use $null and -eq in a filter parameter in powershell.

get-aduser -properties Company -filter {Company -eq $null}

Also, the below is known to fail:

get-aduser -properties Company -filter {Company -eq “” }

The list of active accounts with e-mail addresses:

Get-ADUser -Filter {(mail -ne “null”) -and (Enabled -eq “true”)} -Properties Surname,GivenName,mail | Select-Object Name,Surname,GivenName,mail | Format-Table

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