Ways to grep a file in Powershell

tail + grep powershell equivalent

How to GREP in Powershell

Grep for Windows – findstr example

How to “grep” for multiple strings in files on Windows with PowerShell

HOW TO – GREP / FIND PowerShell Output

Comparison of grep command and sls (Select-String) of PowerShell

Grep, Search, Loops and Basename for Powershell Hotness


Grep-ing in Powershell

Grep like command in Windows?

Grep in PowerShell

PowerShell equivalent to grep -f

GREP in Powershell

Find / grep in PowerShell

Powershell and Grep

5. Understand the pipeline is object-based not text-based

Grep with Powershell

Emulating Grep in Powershell

PowerShell – Regular Expressions

The Powershell equivalent to grep

Searching for multiple strings in a file [closed]

Find multiple strings in text files powershell

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